Efficiency Apartments in Peoria, IL

With rising housing costs and a trend towards urbanization, efficiency apartments are becoming a popular housing option. Efficiency apartments consist of a single room with an attached private bathroom and a closet.

Our Efficiency Apartments

Robert Cottingham Property Management manages the following three properties offering efficiency apartments in Peoria, IL:

Galena Park Terrace - Located just a few minutes from downtown Peoria, situated in the Illinois River Valley. The property includes a full-time on-site manager, and all units include paid water, sewer, trash, and cable bills.

Leisure Acres Phase I - Located between Washington and East Peoria, these popular units include paid utilities, ample parking areas for residents, and a folding door to separate the living room from the sleeping area to increase the resident's privacy.

Leisure Acres Phase II - This recently constructed second building is adjacent to Leisure Acres Phase I, offering more units for those interested in efficiency living. Features include modern AC/Heating, electric ranges, and fully-equipped community areas.

The Main Difference between a Studio and an Efficiency Apartment

While studio apartments are similar to efficiency apartments, there is one difference to keep in mind. Studios similarly have a single room with an adjoining bathroom but are usually slightly larger than efficiency apartments. The difference in size is due to the fact that studios have a larger kitchen while efficiency apartments have what's often called a 'kitchenette'.

If you are interested in a quality efficiency apartment with ample amenities that is easy to maintain, look no further than Robert Cottingham Property Management. We will help you find the perfect efficiency apartment for your budget and lifestyle.