CWTC Residential

For 55 years, the Community Workshop & Training Center Inc., has been serving the varied needs of local adults with disabilities. A not-for-profit organization, CWTC provides assistance in three main areas: community services, employment services, and community integration. The group also offers a comprehensive community living program featuring a 24-hour staff, case management, and coordinated ancillary services.

In order to qualify for the programs offered by CWTC, individuals must be 16 years of age or older. Additionally, the participants must have a documented developmental disability, physical disability, or reoccurring mental illness. Finally, candidates must demonstrate a desire to achieve greater independence in their lives. Additional entrance criteria may apply depending on the program of interest.

CWTC’s Approach to Care

The individuals served by CWTC participate in person-centered planning, which allows the consumer in question to set his or her own goals while enabling family, friends, and other interested parties to participate in the process should the consumer desire. Through person-centered planning, Community Workshop & Training Center consumers are able to have meaningful input into the programs and services they receive.

At CWTC, the first priority is to treat every adult with disabilities with the dignity and respect he or she deserves. For more information about affordable housing and other opportunities, call RCPM today. You can also check out CWTC’s expert programs for adults living with disabilities.

Contact Information

3215 N. University Street
Peoria, Illinois 61604

Phone: 309-686-3300
Fax: 309-686-0316